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Their music is a strong blend of blues, classic rock, and many other influences.
Stacey Zering, INK19, December 12, 2019

From 'Everything Is Gonna Be Alright'

Today I crossed the street
Where you used to live
And now
Those years come back to me
Promising times
Sharing of ideals
Only to find
They all have disappeared

— Everything Is Gonna Be Alright

About Dreamerz&Co

Dreamerz&Co. are a musical collective. They write and record songs inspired by their favorite music (classic rock, blues). They released the album ‘Time Liftin’ in 2016 and a second one, ‘Boogie Stories’, in 2018. ‘Old Habits Die Hard’ (2019) is their third album. Over the years, they have added several singles to their catalogue.

— Everybody

From 'Everybody'

Everybody, everybody wants to be loved
Now tell me what I’ve done to you
Baby, baby let me go, set me free


“These Damned Things” has a slow-burning yet commanding groove that fans of ZZ Top would devour.
JazzCorner News, March 17, 2019

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