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Their music is a strong blend of blues, classic rock, and many other influences.
Stacey Zering, INK19, December 12, 2019

From 'Everything Is Gonna Be Alright'

Today I crossed the street
Where you used to live
And now
Those years come back to me
Promising times
Sharing of ideals
Only to find
They all have disappeared

— Everything Is Gonna Be Alright

About Dreamerz&Co

Dreamerz&Co. are a musical collective. They write and record songs inspired by their favorite music (classic rock, blues). They released the album ‘Time Liftin’ in 2016 and a second one, ‘Boogie Stories’, in 2018. ‘Old Habits Die Hard’ (2019) is their third album. Over the years, they have added several singles to their catalogue among these are ‘Metallic Blue’ (2020) and ‘Burning Boat’ (2021).

— Everybody

From 'Everybody'

Everybody, everybody wants to be loved
Now tell me what I’ve done to you
Baby, baby let me go, set me free


“These Damned Things” has a slow-burning yet commanding groove that fans of ZZ Top would devour.
JazzCorner News, March 17, 2019

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